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At first, thank you for your interest about me. I am Salimuddin the owner of this website ( www.nbk1.in) I tried to help west Bengal board students who are read in class H.S (Elven and Twelve).

I provide H.S Education subject and notes described here with deep knowledge only Bengali language. In the West Bengal’s H.S school’s “Education subject” chapter wise notes available here.

I am very careful about all types of students. I want to make an educational world with my knowledge, with all of you.

Here you can enjoy the type of post-reading, comment, given your opinion, etc. If you satisfy with my website then I am happy.

I, hope you enjoy my Article as much as we enjoy offering you to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

In 2020 I want to share some knowledge for those students’ who are hopeless in their study. I decided that open an educational website and I did it in September 2020.

I started working on my websites from that day and now I tried my best for my students.